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Education and sharing knowledge is how we grow. When armed with knowledge we can make informed decisions that will have a positive impact on our Budgies.  Access to our learning resource should provide you with the answers you need to all your questions. We will be constantly updating the learning resource so if there is something you need help with let us know.  The learning resource contains instructional videos, fact sheets, pictures, and the very popular “Ask Dr Kevin” series.


I’d like to exhibit my Budgies

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What do I feed my Budgies?

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How do I breed Budgies?

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What colours will I get?

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Ask Dr Kevin

Getting medical advice for our budgies is not always easy. Avian specialists are not always easy to find and when you do find one you might not be sure if your concerns warrant a visit to the clinic. So why not ask Dr Kevin!

Dr Kevin Eatwell BVSc (hons) DipZooMed (Reptilian) DipECZM (Herpetology and Small Mammals) FHEA MRCVS. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and European College of Zoological Medicine recognized veterinary specialist also keeps and breeds Budgerigars himself.

Dr Kevin will hold a 30 minute live question & answer session on the UK Budgerigar Club Facebook page on the first Saturday of every month. These sessions are open to EVERYONE.

So if you have a single pet Budgie or an Exhibition stud of hundreds of Budgies and have concerns, ask Dr Kevin.

What to Feed?

With a massive variety of seed, complete pellet diets, Egg foods etc. What to feed our Budgies can sometimes be confusing.


Having a nest of baby budgies can be fantastic experience but what do you need to do to start breeding your Budgies?.

Preventative Medicine

Should we be using preventative medicines on our Budgies? Regular treatment of cats and Dogs for fleas, parasites etc is common place. Should we take the same approach?

UK Budgerigar Club

An all inclusive club from single pet Budgie owners to Exhibition Studs. A place to Learn, Grow, Educate & have Fun! A place where Budgies come first.

Budgie Squawk

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