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UK Budgerigar Club: Rescue Partners

Join us in giving budgies a loving home. Discover our rescue partners and make a difference today.

Our Mission

Budgie Rescue and Rehoming Program

At the UK Budgerigar Club,our goals are to reduce the number of unwanted budgies, educate the public about responsible pet ownership, and create a supportive community for budgie enthusiasts. Our rescue partners strive to provide each bird with the care and attention they deserve, ensuring they find a loving forever home. Join us in our efforts to give these beautiful birds a second chance at happiness.

Meet Our Partners

Charlie's Place Budgie Rescue

What Our Happy Families Say

“Thanks to the UK Budgerigar Club, we found the perfect budgie companion for our family. The adoption process was smooth, and the support we received was outstanding!” – Sarah L.

“Rehoming a budgie through the UK Budgerigar Club Rescue Partners was a wonderful experience. The team was incredibly helpful and made sure we were well-prepared for our new feathered friend.” – James P.

“I never thought rehoming a budgie could be so easy and rewarding. The UK Budgerigar Club provided all the guidance we needed. Our budgie, Sunny, has brought so much joy into our lives!” – Emma R.
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