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With the help of our supporters we are able to offer our members real benefits whilst maintaining our green ethos. Our aim is to create an all encompasing membership that appeals to pet keepers and breeders alike. We welcome all feedback and suggestions.


Member Perks

SuperClean Seed

Thanks to our supporters at Haiths, we are able to offer our very own UKBC seed mixes. These are available in various sizes to suit the amount of budgies you have. Haiths are UK based offering seed blending and packing to the highest standards available to ensure their customers receive the Quality, Cleanliness and Service insisted upon by their founder.

Quality Closed Rings

UK based “The Bird Ring company” is supplying to UKBC members unrivaled quality laser etched aluminium closed rings. These rings come on an easy to recycle piece of wire and not a piece of plastic!

Specialist Veterinary Advice

We are delighted to have a highly experienced specialist avian veterinarian available to help and advise our members. We want to ensure the health and welfare of your birds is a priority. Join the club where budgies really do come first.

Extensive Learning Resource

The learning resource contains instructional videos, fact sheets, pictures, and the very popular “Ask Dr Kevin” series. If there is any particular topic you woud like us to cover, please contact us.

Digital Magazine

Our digital publication “Budgie Squawk!” will be released every March, June, September & December and will contain items such as interviews, articles, pictures etc.

Discounted Products

We have been working hard to forge links with supporters who can supply reliable products that we can get behind for the benefit of our members and their birds..

Supportive Community

Exclusive access to our three Private Facebook Groups; UKBC Health, UKBC Pets and UKBC Exhibition. ALL Groups are monitored by an experienced group of Moderators.

UK Budgerigar Club

An all inclusive club from single pet Budgie owners to Exhibition Studs. A place to Learn, Grow, Educate & have Fun! A place where Budgies come first.

Budgie Squawk

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