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Under the guidance of Dr Kevin Eatwell BVSc (hons) DipZooMed (Reptilian) DipECZM (Herpetology and Small Mammals) FHEA MRCVS. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and European College of Zoological Medicine recognized veterinary specialist.

UK Budgerigar Club are able to offer guidance on all Health & Nutrition Issues. Dr Kevin has put together a selection of presentations, fact sheets and Instructional videos to help members meet the requirements of their Budgerigars. UK Budgerigar Club are extremely fortunate and grateful to have someone of Dr Kevin’s experience and expertise on board and being able to offer this to our members is a fantastic benefit.




Frequently Asked

What should I feed my Budgerigar?

Budgerigars are seed eating birds and most people have them on a seed based diet and give them extra supplements. Another option is to encourage your bird to take a complete pelleted diet which is nutritionally balanced.

Does my Budgie need a friend?

Budgies are a social species and although they can bond to an owner as an individual pet, most people prefer to have at least two birds together for companionship.

Is my Budgie too thin?

You can train your budgie to weigh itself on small scales (weighing in grams). Budgies usually way between 30 and 60 grams so knowing your birds weight is important. If you can feel the keel (chest of your bird) it should feel slightly rounded. If it feels pointy your bird has lost condition.

Will my Budgie be warm enough?

Cold temperatures will make your bird eat more but they can also easily overheat if next to a sunny  window. Try to keep your birds at a steady comfortable room temperature between 18 to 22 degrees.

How can you tell a sick Budgie?

If a budgie gets sick it will fluff its feathers out to try to keep itself warm. If your bird does this or sleeps more than usual contact your veterinary surgeon.

How much do Budgies eat?

Budgies have a high metabolism so need access to food all the time. A budgie that stops eating is a critical emergency.

How is it best to offer water to my Budgie?

Most people use a drinker on the side of the cage which should be cleaned out daily. Budgies however also love a bath as well and open dishes or special bird baths can be used for this purpose.

Are my Budgies droppings normal?

If your bird is eating a seed diet then the dropping should consist of a central dark green portion (faeces) and an outer white portion (the urates from the kidney). There should be minimal water around this. Birds on pelleted diets or those taking a lot of fruit or vegetables will have a looser dropping.


What medications to use and when can be confusing. Incorrect dosages can be lethal! Dr Kev has put together some fact sheets to help us keep our birds in optimal health.

Dr Kevin Eatwell BVSc (hons) DipZooMed (Reptilian) DipECZM (Herpetology and Small Mammals) FHEA MRCVS. Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and European College of Zoological Medicine recognized veterinary specialist also keeps and breeds Budgerigars himself.

Calcium Carbonate

Is an essential mineral for all budgies. Resting birds have a calcium requirement of 0.85% of their diet which increases when breeding.


Deficiency is common and initially causes birds which appear otherwise well to make a respiratory noise.


Is a commonly used medicine to treat Trichomonasis gallinae infection in Budgerigars.


Is a novel miticidal product used to control red mite. It is prescription only and detailed advice will need to be followed.


Antibiotics should not be used routinely in budgerigars unless you are following specific
veterinary advice.


Is a commonly used antibiotic to treat Psittacosis in budgerigars which is due to the bacteria Chlamydia.


Are used to treat and prevent parasitic infestations in budgerigars. They both essentially have the same range of activity.

Sodium Benzoate

There is data showing this fungistatic food additive is helpful at controlling Avian Gastric Yeast.

Cod Liver Oil

Many essential oils are provided to budgerigars, but, Cod liver oil additionally contains two essential vitamins.


commercially available supplementation is an economical route to consider, but choosing an appropriate supplement is important.

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