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Championing Avian Welfare

With a steadfast commitment to improving the lives of budgerigars across the UK, our candidate promises to enhance the standards of care and attention these beloved birds receive.

Dr. Emily Stanton

Dr. Emily Stanton, a distinguished avian veterinarian with over 15 years of dedicated experience, has been at the forefront of budgerigar health and wellness. Graduating top of her class from the Royal Veterinary College, she has since pioneered numerous health initiatives that have significantly improved the lives of budgerigars across the UK. Notably, her groundbreaking research on budgie dietary needs has been adopted by avian health practitioners worldwide, making a profound impact on budgie care standards. Dr. Stanton’s commitment to avian medicine and her deep love for budgerigars drive her candidacy for the upcoming election at the UK Budgerigar Club.

Key Policies Overview

Vision for a Thriving Budgerigar Community

Our candidate is committed to enhancing the welfare and standards of living for all budgerigars across the UK. Key policies include implementing nationwide health checks, ensuring access to high-quality feed, and promoting responsible breeding practices.

To foster a vibrant community, the candidate proposes the creation of more local budgerigar clubs and the introduction of educational programs aimed at all ages to spread knowledge and passion for budgerigars.

Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our candidate’s agenda, with initiatives to protect natural habitats and encourage eco-friendly birdkeeping practices among enthusiasts.

What Our Community Says

I’ve been a member of the UK Budgerigar Club for over a decade, and I can confidently say that their commitment to excellence and the well-being of budgies is unmatched. Their initiatives have not only enhanced our community but also raised awareness about the care these wonderful birds need.
James Elton, Budgie Enthusiast
The UK Budgerigar Club has always been at the forefront of avian conservation. Their efforts to educate the public and promote responsible budgie ownership are vital to our community. I fully support their ongoing projects and commend their dedication.
Dr. Amelia Harford, Avian Veterinarian
As a teacher, I appreciate the educational outreach that the UK Budgerigar Club provides. They make learning about budgies accessible and engaging. Their resources have been invaluable in teaching our students about wildlife care and conservation.
Sarah Jennings, Primary School Teacher

Upcoming Events

Annual Budgie Rally

October 15, 2023

Admission is FREE

Budgerigar Town Hall

November 22, 2023

No Entry Fee

Budgie Care Workshop

September 5, 2023

Free for Members

Winter Budgie Exhibition

December 12, 2023

Free Entry

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