Election 2024: Choose Your Management Committee

As the UKBC moves to its fourth year, we now are moving to elections from our membership to stand on our management committee. We are in need of committee members who can commit time and their skills for club development. There is no renumeration or honoraria for committee members. Budgerigar owners from all backgrounds from pet owners through to breeders and exhibitors are encouraged. You do not need nominating. We need a photo and a candidate statement of what you can offer the club, particularly with regard to the list of jobs that need doing to maintain the club. We are also keen on developing future collaborations with other clubs to promote budgerigar keeping so feel free to mention the clubs you are a member of and the committees you serve on. This will be posted on our Facebook groups where our members can ask questions. You are welcome to add whatever contact details you like and there is no limit on campaigning, but this is limited to the single thread on our groups so they are not overloaded. Members will vote online and the new committee announced at the AGM later in the year. Candidate statements will be approved by Kevin Eatwell (with edits being suggested to the candidate) to ensure the content matches our constitution and is non inflammatory. The deadline for submission for these is the end of July with online voting taking place in September.

Meet our Candidates

Get to know the candidates vying for positions in the UK Budgerigar Club. Click below to learn about their visions and platforms, ensuring you make an informed decision for the future of our community.

Neil Cawley

Neil Cawley

Kevin Eatwell

Kevin Eatwell

Ricky Anderson

Ricky Anderson

Make Your Vote Count!

Take an active role in shaping the future of the UK Budgerigar Club. Your vote is crucial in deciding the direction and leadership that will guide our community. Stay informed, participate, and let your voice be heard in this important election process. Your participation helps us continue our mission of ‘Where Budgies Come First.’ Elect committee members who are passionate about budgerigar welfare and community engagement.

Election FAQs

Explore our frequently asked questions to better understand the election process, candidate selection, and voting procedures within the UK Budgerigar Club.

How are candidates selected for the election?

There is no nomination process. Candidates must be a member in good standing, supply a photograph and a candidate statement.

What is the voting procedure?

Voting is conducted online through our secure member portal.

Can I vote for more than one candidate?

Yes, members can vote for up to 10 candidates but only 1 vote per candidate.

When are election results announced?

Election results will be announced at the annual general meeting after voting closes.

Are there any qualifications required to vote?
All active members who have paid their annual dues are eligible to vote. Ensure your membership status is active to participate.
What if I cannot access the voting portal?
If you encounter any issues accessing the voting portal, please contact our support team immediately for assistance.
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