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Frequently Asked

I don’t show my birds can I still join the UKBC?

Yes the UKBC caters for all it doesn’t matter if you have 1 or 100 birds everyone is welcome.

Why do I need a Ring Number?

Any breeders that choose to ring their birds can purchase quality laser etched aluminium closed rings with a unique identifying number (Ring Number) from the UKBC. We have decided to let individuals choose their own code rather than us allocate one. Ring numbers should comprise of 2 to 5 digits, at least 1 letter and 1 number. If you’re not a breeder consider the Ring Number as a membership number.

How much does membership cost?

Annual membership is £15.00, under 18’s are FREE! Any under 18’s wishing to join should contact us for a 100% discount code.

What does the UKBC offer pet bird keepers?

Help and advice openly available on the UKBC social media groups, dedicated pet keeper FB group where like minded pet keepers come together in friendship and discussion.

I breed budgies in an aviary just for fun is this the right club to join??

Yes the UKBC is the right club to join! We welcome all Budgerigar owners and many of our breeders just breed the birds they like. We offer a wealth of support for everyone.

When can I order Rings?

Rings can be ordered once you have an active account. Current year rings can be ordered from the 1st of August the year before and will be shipped from the 1st of September.

UK Budgerigar Club

An all inclusive club from single pet Budgie owners to Exhibition Studs. A place to Learn, Grow, Educate & have Fun! A place where Budgies come first.

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