UK Budgerigar Club

What We Do

Learn, Grow, Educate, Have Fun!

All Experience Levels

We are an all inclusive club catering for everyone from new pet owners to long standing breeders and exhibitors.


Health & Nutrition

The health & wellbeing of our Budgies is of the utmost importance. We have health & Nutritional advice backed up by our Avian veterinarian Dr Kevin Eatwell.

Membership Perks

The UKBC offers real benefits of membership. Thanks to our supporters we are able to offer various products, discounts & resources.

Green Ethos

We only have one planet Earth & the UKBC must do its part to protect what we have. Our Green Ethos is integral to the way the club is run and the supporters we work with.

Our Mission

To promote and grow the hobby of keeping, breeding, and exhibiting healthy budgerigars irrespective of type or variety, through establishing a 21st century community of members that are keen to learn, support, and respect each other, and have fun in the process of putting budgies first.

Why UK Budgerigar Club

Community & Education

Supporting & learning from one another will help us to achieve our goals

Management Committee

The business of the club will be carried out by a Management Committee elected initially at the Inaugural Meeting and then at an Annual General Meeting every 3 years.  The Management Committee will elect the following officers to serve for each 3 year period: Chairman*, Secretary**, Treasurer***. 

2021 – 2023

Ricky Anderson, Jon Ashby, Mike Ball, Lyn Bancroft***, Rob Cartridge, Kevin Eatwell, Andy Edden**, Graham Turner, Mike Simpson

Co-opted November – 2021

Neil Cawley*, Savannah Smith, Steph Giles


UK Budgerigar Club

An all inclusive club from single pet Budgie owners to Exhibition Studs. A place to Learn, Grow, Educate & have Fun! A place where Budgies come first.

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